5 Cheap Fruit Trees for Your Garden

Looking to plant fruit trees in the aftermath of this recession? While some may come off as pricey; if you do thorough research, you will find that there are quite a few fruit trees that are inexpensive and would suit well for your garden. If you are interested in finding cheap fruit trees for your garden, this article will introduce you to 5 cheap fruit trees that would never have guessed being sold at such a reasonable price! Now you will be able to walk pass the fruits aisle in your local farmers market or supermarket as you have your own produce waiting for you in your home garden.

  1. Peach Trees

Peach trees are not only cheap fruit trees to purchase for your garden; but they come with the added effect of adding lovely floral arrangements to your home garden for you to gloat at your neighbors. They need three to five years to develop into full trees as well as very favorable soil conditions to reach this growth. It serves well for the soil to be cool and moist as well as well drained. You can prepare the soil by using a fruit tree fertilizer.

  1. Dwarf Fruit Trees

You can find the right dwarf fruit trees at your local nursery or garden center. Kiwis, oranges, limes, pears and cherries are a few of such trees that are available in dwarf size, and they are cheap too! The sizes of these trees are usually less than 10 feet and provide the added benefit of them using less space to grow, faster growth and less attention as the larger fruit trees usually require. The prices are usually half those of the regular sized fruit trees which offers one the ability to buy more than one or two dwarf trees.

  1. Apple Trees

Apples are among favorites for many and it an added benefit that the trees are cheap as well! Apple trees require full sun so the best time for you to plant them would be in the summer. Cold frost periods are never a good idea for planting cheap apple trees because it kills the plants. Ensure that these trees are well watered; small apple trees should be watered twice daily and the bigger trees no more than thrice daily. Since these trees grow in summer, these conditions are usually

  1. Cherry Trees

Cherry trees produce some of the sweetest fruits. Cherries are rich in anthocyanin which the body uses to produce essential amino acids which build proteins in the body. Ensure that these trees are planted in moderately acidic soil and are exposed to a lot of sunlight as opposed to shady areas that limits their growth.

  1. Potted Fruit Trees

Any fruit tree that is potted is usually cheap. If you disagree, visit your local garden center or nursery and examine the costs of the potted fruit trees. You will most likely see that these trees are cheaper than the others. You may decide to leave them as is in the pots for their growth, depending on their size; or plant them in the ground in which their roots need to be well covered and well watered on a daily basis.

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