5 Tips on Fertilizing Fruit Trees

Fertilization is a very important process in plant growth, especially fruit trees. Fertilization involves supplying naturally occurring essential mineral elements to soil in order to enhance the growth of plants (trees, bushes and shrubs). Fruit trees are no exception to this rule. If you have fruit trees or are planning on planting fruit trees, here are five tips you can follow in fertilizing them so that they can grow to their maximum potential, bearing all the fruits you love!

  1. When to Fertilize?

The best time to fertilize fruit trees are after the long winter months, preferably in the spring time to ensure maximum potential and performance of these fruit trees. Examples of these fruit trees include cherry trees, plum trees, apple trees, pear trees and even apricot trees.

  1. Selecting a Fertilizer

The next step would be choosing which fertilizer to use. You may find that the input of workers from your local garden store may prove beneficial in this regard. Organic fertilizers are the best fertilizers for fruit trees because it gives them all the nutrients they need to grow and produce fruits of a superior quality and taste. One bottle of organic fertilizer will serve you well in this regards.

You should also take into consideration the climate of your locality while selecting a fertilizer. You never want to choose a fertilizer that will not work well because of the weather conditions in which your fruit trees exist and grow. Simply speaking with someone from a local fruit tree nursery or garden store can help you in pinpointing the best fertilizers for your

  1. Contents of a Fruit Tree Fertilizer

Fertilizers purporting “15-30-15” and/or “0-10-10” are examples of those good for fruit trees. These figures simply explain the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that fertilizer contains respectively.

  1. Making Your Own Fertilizer

You also make organic fertilizers for your fruit trees. Waste of “green” foods, decaying peel wastes, shredded newspapers and dried leaves all combined make the perfect combination of a fertilizer for your fruit trees. Simply work into the soil of the fruit trees carefully so as not to damage the roots of the fruit trees.

  1. Applying a Fertilizer

You should aim for the drip line of the fruit trees when applying a fertilizer. Drip line is the imaginary line on the soil which is in correspondence to the outward edge of the leaves of the fruit trees.

A second way in which to apply a fertilizer to fruit trees is my mixing the fertilizer into the soil by using a hoe or trowel, making sure to not damage the roots of the fruit trees.

When the fertilizer has been added to the soil; water around the drip line or the areas where the fertilizer was placed so as to work it into the soil. The water helps to evenly distribute the fertilizer into the soil so that they roots can receive it as well for the nutrients the trees require.


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