Thornless Blackberry Plants

Blackberries are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants which helps the body to resist a lot of diseases. This is no wonder why many home gardens are decked out with blackberry plants, especially thornless blackberry plants in cases of small children playing nearby. Additionally, they are tasty fruits which make great pastries, juices and jams that adults and children both can enjoy; or simply eating the juicy blackberries as is. Here we will discuss the types of thornless blackberry plants and generally, how you can plant them in your garden.


Chester thornless blackberry plants are sun resistant which means they grow well in the hot sun. They also are able to withstand harsh winter conditions which makes them a great all year crop for your garden. It is semi-erect and needs proper pruning to maintain this structure.

Triple Crown

Triple Crown thornless blackberry plants are also semi-erect like the Chester plants. The blackberries are usually large and sweet in nature. Fruits are usually ripe and ready in summer, specifically mid- July to mid-August.


This thornless blackberry plant grows upright, noticeable by its erect structure. However, it may have the ability to lean when fruiting which means proper pruning has to be done to prevent this, which also will prevent it from breaking depending on the weight of the fruits.


Ouachita, like the Apache, is an upright thornless blackberry plant with large, sweet and firm blackberries. The great thing about this plant is that it is said to be disease resistant and tolerant to harsh winter conditions.


The fruits of this plant are firm and glossy black. The seeds within the fruits are noticeably smaller than the other thornless blackberry plants and may prove to be more a nuisance to small children eating them in this regard.  They are also resistant to diseases and harsh winter conditions.


This type of thornless blackberry plant has canes that need no support and is in fact the only type of thornless plant that needs no support during growth. However, there is a shortfall; it does not produce as much blackberries as the other varieties.

Now let’s talk about planting thornless blackberry plants. Firstly, they need to be grown in the right zones, which are zones 5 to 9. You can find out from your local garden store which zone you reside in or simply by doing a search on the internet.

Secondly, thornless blackberry bushes need full sun to grow so choose wisely the area in which you are going to plant it. Once you have chosen an area and the hole dug, pour water in the hole till there is a pool at the bottom of the hole. Next, place organic fertilizer in this pool of water. Next you place the plant in the hole and make sure the soil is packed firmly around the plant. Hereafter you task will be to ensure that the soil is well watered for a few days after the thornless blackberry plant has been planted.


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